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No-Nut November and the Ancient Art of Esprit de Corps

For some years now I've been following a growing movement called No-Nut November.

Back in 2008 or so when it started, it was called No-Fap November but as what it represents becomes clear, it extended to not busting a nut under any circumstances for 30 days. Not only no fapping, but no sex at all - or, more specifically, not busting a nut, meaning you can still fap or have sex, so long as you end the session with a crippling case of blue balls.

No-Nut November - some men keep mock journals of their sufferings

It is worth noting that International Men's Day falls on November 19, and the Movember prostate cancer awareness campaign has gained mainstream traction. November is to all intents and purposes, Men's Month.

What I find interesting is how the No-Nut November plays into the ancient masculine custom of shared privation. Military commanders have understood this custom since Hammurabi, and have built empires upon it. When men suffer pain and privation together, it creates a bond of brotherhood between them that encourages co-operative action across a group. This is the "esprit de corps" so valued of history's great generals.

What makes this one interesting is that it is privation of sex - the most primal drive there is. The last time that happened, the Catholic Church became the Inquisition. The sex drive in men is so fundamental, so powerful a motivating force, that when it is redirected politically it cannot but express itself as a fanaticism as primal and absolute as the sex drive it replaces. Religious leaders have understood this principle since Hammurabi, too.

So I wonder, what is the replacing drive for No-Nut November? Perhaps the most dangerous replacement of all: the original target of the sex drive, namely women, regarded as an enemy; a potential threat to men's self-determination.

Part of taking the Red Pill is becoming aware of the ways in which people manipulate each other for control - both men and women. Men seduce women, and women manipulate men. The difference here is that there is now an external force - the anti-male bias prevalent in the establishment - conferring an aegis of power on women through feminism and projected victimisation. This aegis enables women to call upon all the concerted power of the state upon any man she takes a dislike to. Men do not have a reciprocal power beyond their own strength.

In the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", Jones confronts Elsa in Berlin after she has sold him out. There are people and armed troops marching everywhere. When Jones clutches her by the throat and says, "All I have to do is squeeze...", she replies, "All I have to do is scream." This existential awareness of the power she wields against Jones is something every modern woman is acutely aware of, and one that many modern women will vehemently deny the existence of.

This means that, when considered in context of the present establishment attitude of anti-male bias and even hate, this power that women wield becomes a severe potential survival threat to men. Like Elsa, she can destroy a man with a scream - or a phone call. It is this awareness that informs men to adopt the MGTOW philosophy and treat women with caution until you get to truly know them - or even minimise social contact with them altogether.

What No-Nut November demonstrates is an increasing awareness among men that sexual desire is a weakness through which we are unjustly exploited, from which the rewards we used to receive for following it are no longer given. Instead, men are increasingly aware that sexual liasons can now lead to life ruination, or virtual enslavement. Sex drive has become a wound in men's collective psyche, a wound inflicted by decades of toxic feminism, through which men are haemorraging resources.

For most of the young men participating in No-Nut November, sex drive itself has become the weakness against which the esprit de corps of shared privation becomes necessary to drive defensive cooperation. It is that cooperation that seeks to close the wound in the male psyche inflicted by feminism and its corruption of the human sex drive.

This is where many young men will believe women themselves are the threat. Seeing their own primal attraction to women as a threat makes it very tempting to perceive women themselves as the threat. They are not. The power of the state they can invoke is the threat. Elsa's scream can only harm Jones if other people react to it.

The people in power, who control our media, our universities and schools, our entertainment, our government - these people, not women at large, are our true enemy. They are the ones who have weaponised our women against us. We must never lose sight of this.

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