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I am Mystikan, and this site is the result of a hobby I've made my profession. It showcases my abilities as a Web programmer, graphic artist, amateur photo- grapher... and World of Warcraft player, although I don't devote that much of my site to that game!

You can find my graphics, photographs and WoW screen- shots in my Gallery. I also have set up a Weblog where I'll air my (sometimes controversial!) opinions from time to time. This is my personal website and the opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my company or clients.

I'm 43 years old, originally from the UK although I've lived most of my life in Australia. Since I was a teenager I've spent my life in front of computers, mainly programming and graphic design. During the 80s I was in a demo crew designing demos for the Commodore 64, and later the Commodore Amiga.

After the death of Commodore the Internet came along, and since then I've focused on that side of things; Web design, my chosen hobby, I made my career.

So have a look around, and enjoy!

I Support...

Electronic Frontiers Australia Electronic Frontiers Australia are an organisation of lawyers, activists and IT experts dedicated to preserving our civil liberties online. Currently they are fighting the Rudd government's oppressive and insane internet censorship regime, and they could use your support. Visit them and join the fight for our freedom!

5EBI 103.1 FM Radio 5EBI 103.1 FM is Adelaide's premier multicultural radio station, with music and news from all over the world, not just the big media music machine. Listen to what's big in places like Germany, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam and more! And if you like what you hear, you can get CD's of international artists from their EBI Shop.

Mozilla Firefox Firefox is the open-source browser that's well on its way to replacing Internet Explorer with over 500 million users around the world. It's more secure, and has the world's largest collection of free optional addons to enhance your internet experience. If you have it already, well done. If you're still stuck on Internet Suxplorer :), try this: look around my site, then download Firefox and come back here. See the speed difference?

The Gallery

The Gallery is where I showcase my graphics, photography and game screenshots. It's very simple to use; just click on the link in the gallery box you want to enter. You'll see a sidebar on the left and an big image on the right. The sidebar contains the thumbnails for that gallery, clicking on one will load that as the big image on the right. Click on the thin bars with the white triangles at the top and bottom of the sidebar to see more thumbnails to click on.

The Blog

The Blog is where I post my thoughts, discoveries and anything else that comes to mind, and it is the part I update most often. Blog articles are listed in the left-hand sidebar, latest first. Click on the article name in the sidebar to read it in the right-hand main section.

Header Demo

About the Header

This is where I show off! :) This consists of 3 displays and a set of LEDs. If you have Javascript enabled, the two leftmost displays will show the current date and time on your computer. The third display shows the IP address your computer is presenting to my site (don't worry, I don't track this!).

The LEDs show a number of things; what browser you're using, whether you've set your browser to emulate or "spoof" another browser, whether or not you've allowed javascript and/or cookies, and whether or not you're using an adblocker. (AdBlock users beware! :)) The LEDS work like this:

The first six LEDs show what browser you're using. The one that's lit up green indicates what your browser is. If another of these is lit up yellow or red, that indicates what browser your browser is trying to convince my site it's pretending to be! Those who use Firefox with the User Agent Switcher plugin, and Opera users, will be familiar with this ploy.

For Firefox users with the UA Switcher, the red browser LED shows what browser you're spoofing. For Opera users, a red browser LED shows that you are Masking as the indicated browser; a yellow browser LED shows that you are merely Identifying as the indicated browser.

The rightmost 3 LEDs show what you're allowing. The 'javascript' LED is red if you've disallowed Javascript, green if you've allowed it. The 'cookies' LED is green if my site has been able to set a cookie on your machine, red if it hasn't.

The 'adblocker' LED is lit green if you are running an adblocker, such as AdBlockPlus on Firefox. I could be nasty with this, but I don't like blocking visitors just because they're blocking adverts! Besides, I don't have ads on this site, so I'm just doing this because I know how to do it!


Further information: For the security-conscious, here is what this site does and does not do:
1) Javascript is used for page-swapping animations, fast-fetching of Gallery images and Blog entries, the date/time display in the header, and validating input on the contact form. All Javascript was either coded by myself, or where I've used publicly available script segments, I've personally vetted every instruction to ensure it does nothing malicious.
2) This site attempts to set a cookie on your machine. The cookie is called "check" with the value "1" and it is used only to check if you allow cookies. This cookie is the same for every user and cannot be used to uniquely identify your computer. You don't have to allow it, and if you don't the only effect will be that the 'cookies' LED in the header bar will be red! The cookie is session-only, which means it is erased the moment you close your browser.
3) I do not track visitors to this site. I count visits, and that's it. Any information collected from your browser is used only to optimise the site for your browser, and to display your IP address in the header. This information is not retained in any way, shape or form.
4) No external Javascript or advertising is used on this site, and no third-parties are permitted to track visitors to this site. UK visitors subject to Phorm monitoring are advised that any Phorm-originated modification of this site is ILLEGAL and you should disable it (opt out) immediately.
Firefox + NoScript users may enable Javascript for this site by clicking the Options button or NoScript icon at the bottom right of your browser, and selecting 'Allow' or 'Temporarily allow' as you prefer.

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